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Sadness Time | About
Sadness Time is a dark comedy web series written and directed by Andre Wells and starring Eilis Quinn and Mimi Oupravanh. Learn more about it here.
Sadness Time, Web series
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SADNESS TIME is a web series written and directed by Andre Wells and shot in and around Boston MA in 2014. Eilis Quinn and Mimi Oupravanh star as two roommates who are driven to conflict by their sharply opposed worldviews; one is a defeatist shut-in who spends her days on the couch believing life is generally pointless, the other a problem-solver who believes in her ability to bend the world to her will. Through a unique tone of dark and surreal comedy, SADNESS TIME dives into the minds of these dysfunctional characters by creating surreal dreamscapes that mirror their aimlessness and confusion.


SADNESS TIME is about living in a world full of lights and colors that refuse to make sense. It’s when the smallest tasks are impossible because your limbs weigh a thousand pounds. When believing in yourself doesn’t work. When you can’t get to where you want to be no matter how hard you scream at yourself. When a thousand little contradictions are battling in your brain.  When you force yourself to believe that everything is fine.


SADNESS TIME drags you to the places inside yourself that you’ve always wanted to avoid. Welcome.


Eilis Quinn

Eilis is extremely grateful to be a part of Sadness Time. She is currently studying theatre performance and musical theatre in college in New York City. Some of her other work includes season four of the Red Circles web series and some of her favorite theatre performances include Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes, and Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She is so happy to have been involved in a series such as this one and to work with Andre Wells and all of the talented cast and crew members.

Mimi Oupravanh

Mimi Oupravanh has held lead and supporting roles in various short films. She has appeared in several small theatre productions such as Emmy and Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart. She received her training from Trinity Repertory Company and the Sandra-Feinstein Gamm Theatre. Not only does she have a knack for acting, but also a strong background in the sciences with a degree in microbiology, experience in histocompatibility, immunology, and a pending publication in neuroscience.


Andre Wells
Writer, Producer, Director

Andre Wells was born and raised in Boston, MA. In lieu of film school he learned how to make movies by checking out countless books and DVDs from his local library and making short films in his bedroom. He then made his way onto film sets and received help and support from many in the Boston filmmaking scene, some of whom worked on Sadness Time. Andre hopes to have a long career making movies about the difficulty and chaos of human interaction. He currently lives in New York City.

Anny Din
Unit Production Manager / Casting Director

Anny Din is a graduate of Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts. She provides support to the many aspects of film making. She developed a passion for simultaneously producing multiple projects ranging from commercials and narratives to music videos.

Jack Garrett
Director of Photography

Jack Garrett works as a freelance Gaffer and Sound Recordist in the Boston area but he loves to get behind the camera when he can. Sadness Time is his fourth major narrative project as cinematographer, after shooting short films such as ``Santa Always Checks Twice`` and ``Die, Vampire Demon``. This is his first time collaborating with Andre Wells, and his first time working on a web-series, but he hopes to continue. Jack is in the process of developing several of his own projects and building a sound studio at his house on Cape Cod.